About Journal

The scientific journal of the Faculty of Forest Industry (FFI) Innovations in Woodworking and Engineering Design is a successor of the published for more than six decades scientific proceedings of Faculty of Forest Industry.

The edition is a representative scientific journal of FFI at the University of Forestry – Sofia reflecting the achievements and the development of the forest industry and engineering design. It provides an opportunity for the dissemination and exchange of academic knowledge and contributes to increasing the efficiency of the scientific research.

The Scientific Journal Innovations in Woodworking Industry and Engineering Design is indexed with and included in CABI.

The journal is issued at least twice a year. Official language of the journal is English.

Main topics of the scientific journal are:

  • Raw Materials for the Wood Industry;
  • Woodworking Machines and Equipment;
  • Technologies in Logging, Woodworking and Furniture Production;
  • Interior and Furniture Design – Materials, Constructions, Systems and Mechanisms in the Interior Design;
  • Economics, Organisation and Management;
  • Natural Sciences in Support of Forest Industry and Engineering Design;
  • Innovations in the Education Process.

Editorial board of scientific journal Innovations in Woodworking and Engineering Design

Editor in Chief:
Neno Trichkov, PhD

Desislava Angelova, PhD

Nikolay Minkovski, PhD
Viktor Savov, PhD
Pavlin Vitchev, PhD

Contact address:
10 Kliment Ohridski Blvd.
1797 Sofia, Bulgaria
University of Forestry
Facultu of Forest Industry
Scientific journal Innovations in Woodworking and Engineering Design
E-mail: inno_scientific_journal@ltu.bg


  • Alfred Teischinger, PhD (Austria)
  • Alexander Petutschning, PhD (Austria)
  • Anna Danihelová, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Asia Marinova, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Bojidar Dinkov, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Derya Ustaӧmer, PhD (Turkey)  
  • Ivica Grbac, PhD (Croatia)
  • Ivo Valchev, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Ján Holécy, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Ján Sedliačik, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Julia Mihajlova, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Hubert Paluš, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Ladislav Dzurenda, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Marius Barbu, PhD (Romania)
  • Nencho Deliiski, DSc (Bulgaria)
  • Neno Tritchov, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Panayot Panayotov, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Pavlo Bekhta, PhD (Ukraine)
  • Silvana Prekrat,  PhD (Croatia)
  • Štefan Barcík, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Valentin Shalaev, DSc (Russia)
  • Vasiliki Kamperidou (Greece)
  • Vesselin Brezin, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Vladimir Koljozov, PhD (Macedonia)
  • Zhivko Gochev, PhD (Bulgaria)
  • Danijela Domljan, PhD (Croatia)
  • George Mantanis, PhD (Greece)
  • Hülya Kalaycioğlu, PhD (Turkey)
  • Biborka Bartha, PhD (Romania)
  • Antonios Papadopoulos, PhD (Greece)
  • Luboš Krišták, PhD (Slovakia)
  • Muhammad Adly Rahandi Lubis, PhD (Indonesia)